Ein Stadt-Raum-Licht-Kunst-Projekt für Hamburg, das "Tor zur Welt".


‚Blue Goals‘ by light artist Michael Batz is undoubtedly Hamburg’s most eye-catching initiative and one of the most sensational art projects in recent years.

FIFA World Cup Website


They are a modern art masterpiece - fluorescent blue goals on buildings all over the city.

Bob Wylie, BBC London


It‘s a magnificent sight, something the people of Hamburg should be proud of it.

Steven Goff, The Washington Post


BLUE GOALS in Hamburg


BLUE GOALS in Shanghai

  Executed in the summer of 2006, the project turned out to be a cultural happening of considerable quality with 175 Blue Goals bathing the Hanseatic City in a magical blue light as darkness fell.The Blue Goals transform the silhouette of the city into a spectacular imagination landscape.A sea of light of blue geometrical forms projected from illuminated signs creates a dynamic, projection plane, highlighting the energy and spirit of the city.

Visible from afar, Blue Goals signalize an endorsement of the location. Symbolizing both energetic initiative and an awareness of worldwide commitment, they emphasize an approach that is open to the world and the future.

The Project Blue Goal Hamburg aroused worldwide attention and enthusiasm. There was a huge endorsement from both the national and international media from the beginning to the end of the project.


Michael Batz :: Hamburg Art Ensemble :: Auf dem Sande 1 :: 20457 Hamburg :: E-Mail