The season's climax for the acclaimed production of the Theatre in in the Warehouse District




In the early 1990’s, the Warehouse District was discovered as a place for art. Since then, art productions have been taking place.

Staatsministerin für Kultur a.D., Dr. Christina Weiss

State Minister for Culture a.D., Dr. Christina Weiss:

Culture in Storage City and Harbour City

The Hamburger Everyman and the illumination of the Warehouse District prove how culture and art can share space in the city in a pleasing and magical way. In earlier times, the awe-inspiring brick buildings were mostly enjoyed from distances, but now Hamburgers and tourists have come over land and water to see the rich tradition of the area. A cultural happening has grown out of one of these building complexes, where we sense the history of so many stories of salesperson’s pride buried on the premises. What we perceive in the multi-layered, echoing call for the Everyman from the canal—the aromas of the storage houses, new and old, the poetic light reflecting off the gables and bays of the buildings—is something that we simply walked right past unaware of earlier. Michael Batz has showed us how we can experience and estimate Storage City anew; he has made the area an attractive and exciting public space for citizens. We should use it as a lesson for Harbour City, and for the future neighbours of the Warehouse District in the south. The art offers itself as a catalyst for public life, a drawing point for everyone who wants to come to Harbour City not just to reside or work.









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